Pemikiran Imre Lakatos (1922-1974) tentang Metodologi Program Riset dan Signifikansinya dalam Kajian Keislaman

  • Ahmad Amir Aziz Institut Agama Islam Negeri Mataram


Apart from Kuhn and Popper, Lakatos has become an important figure in the
field of Philosophy of Science for his scientific theories, which he calls research
programmes. For Lakatos, Popper?s theoretical falsification can be immensely dangerous
when applied to the already established theories. On the other hand, in contrast to Kuhn
who assumed that a paradigm is by its nature immeasurable, Lakatos maintains that the
competing scientific discoveries may in fact be compared between one another. To him,
the main issues with regard to the logic of discovery cannot be dealt with satisfactorily
unless we do so within the framework of research programmes. The practical
implementation of this would be that the hard core of this framework cannot be subjected
to modification -let alone- rejection. This hard core must in other words be protected
from what he terms falsification. Lakatos also maintains that what can be said as scientific
is a series of theory, and not a single theory. This model of research programmes can in
fact be used in Islamic Studies in order to develop new theoretical principles that may
play a role of convincing protective-belt on the one hand, and to find new premises
whose discoveries can be used universally on the other


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