Brotherhood dalam Dimensi Sistem Ekonomi Islam

  • Fahrur Ulum Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel Surabaya
Keywords: Brotherhood; wealth distribution; falâh.


This article discusses the issue of brotherhood in Islamic economic system. The goal of Islamic economics is to create advantages (falâh}) for all economic man. To achieve this goal, Muslim economists have agreed to set up the philosophical pillars of Islamic economic system which consists of tawhîd, ‘ibâdah, khilâfah, and ukhuwwah. One of the important challenges to deal with is how to place the idea of brotherhood as a pillar of Islamic economic system that is applicable in economic activities which then lead to equal advantages. Muslim economists argue that Islamic economic system has led economic man to possess altruistic personality. This is not only related to the problem of consumption but also to that of production. In addition, the distribution of wealth specific in Islamic economic system has resulted in brotherhood. The spirit of brotherhood has inspired the effort of distributing wealth economically and non-economically towards shared advantages. Specific wealth distribution in Islamic economics is by placing human as economic being and social being alike. Therefore, brotherhood is implemented in market and non-market economic activities. The implementation of brotherhood is not only in the form of cooperative but more than that is to be oriented to efforts of empowering economic man.


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