Ijtihad dalam Perspektif Ulama Syiah Ithna Ashariyah

  • Mohammad Baharun Ketua PWI Malang, Jatim


For Sh??ah Ithna Asyar?yah, ijtih?d (intellectual exercise to extrapolate rules

from their sources) is an imperative logical practice. Like Sunnism, this school of thought

requires that a mujtahid (the one who exercises ijtih?d) has high intellectual qualifications

and that tight conditions should be applied to him. To this branch of Shi?ism, a mujtahid

has a special place and respected status within its social and religious hierarchy. He

represents the missing imam (Imam Mahdi) whom every one in Shi?ism is waiting for his

return. With ijtih?d attached to his shoulder, he is considered to be more important as he

holds the task of safeguarding and preserving religion.


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Mohammad Baharun, Ketua PWI Malang, Jatim

Ketua PWI Malang, Jatim

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