Agama, Kekerasan dan Perlawanan Ideologis

  • Umi Sumbulah Universitas Negeri Malang


Violence in the name of religion often occurs because of the ideological
interpretation of religion. Well-formulated ideology is obeyed by its followers to achieve
certain goals. Ideology may also be appropriated by its proponents to rebel against the
status quo that they think is not in line with their belief system. A closed-ideology that
perpetuates intolerance is a latent source of conflict and violence. In addition, many
religion-oriented violence is associated not only with religion per se as a source of inspiration
and legitimacy, but also with such factors as social, economic, political as well as
psychological conditions of human being. One-sided explanation of violence in the name
of religion is therefore insufficient as religion is not monolithic phenomenon.


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