Feminisme Kisah Maryam dalam al-Qur’ân dan Rekonstruksi Pemahaman Gender Perspektif Pragmatik

  • Fathurrosyid Fathurrosyid Institut Ilmu Keislaman Annuqayah Guluk-guluk Madura
Keywords: Pragmatic approach; the story of Maryam; feminism.


This article discusses the story of Maryam in the Qur’ân with a pragmatic approach. This is because Maryam is textually a phenomenal figure, she even overcomes the social status of women such as ‘Âishah and Fâtimah, so the name is documented in a special chapter popularly known as Surat Maryam. The article concludes that the construction of the theory of pragmatics against the Qur’ân is a discipline that examines the Qur’ân from the perspective of the relationship between linguistic context that is both dyadic and non-linguistic context that is triadic. The form of feminism is the story of Mary in the perspective of speech acts and implicatures in pragmatic approach of the Qur’ân that includes access to voice disappointment and resistance against misogynistic traditions contained in Q.S. Âli ‘Imrân [03]: 36, gets access to educational rights contained in Q.S. Âli ‘Imrân [03]: 37, access to implement spiritual teachings in public areas in Q.S. Âli ‘Imrân [03]: 43, access to performs an injunction against the practice of sexual harassment in Q.S. Maryam [19]: 18 and a mother’s responsibility to provide security and comfort for the baby, so that the baby did not die of starvation due to malnutrition he suffered.


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